Four-way infrared tracing tracking module


  • Operating voltage: DC 3.3V-5V
  • Operating Current: try to choose more than 1A power supply
  • Operating Temperature: -10 ° C – +50 ° C
  • Mounting Aperture: M3 screw
  • Detection Distance: 1mm to 60 mm adjustable closer the performance is more stable, the white reflection farthest.
  • Size: the control board 4.4mm × 4.0mm × 12mm (L × W × H)
  • Small plate forward 25mm x 12mm x 12mm (L × W × H)
  • The output interface: 6-wire interface (1234 for the 4-way signal output terminal, + positive power, – the negative power supply is ground)
  • Output signal: TTL level (directly connected microcontroller I / 0, sensitive to infrared light reflected back by the sensor, the red light is on, the output low; absence of infrared light, the light does not shine, the output high level.)
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